Being the first in the country to have an Instagram hashtag printing system. Think about this, we set up a printing system that prints any #hashtags you like from instagram or twitter. The moment someone #hashtag the right #hashtag, the system will spit out a print in less than 7 seconds. It's amazing fun. Instead of having photographers running around, why not have all your guess who instagram anyway to take all the photos for you! Heck, they even get to keep a printed copy!

So hurry up and get in contact with us already!


There are a million and one kind of photobooth out there. We decided to make a cheaper and more affordable version for the masses. For groups of close friends doing silly things, enough of the small booth that can fit only two and print a strip in 2mins. We cater for the masses and print two strips in 7seconds! So when we say unlimited prints, rest assured it is unlimited prints. Not 1 a min and only 60 an hour. We can do SIX times better for the same price if not cheaper.

And if you don't want the prints? Even better. Cheaper. And less fuss. We even upload those photos LIVE to our Facebook so that everyone can start tagging themselves and changing their profiles pictures to the photo they took at your event!

So why wait? Give us a call right now!


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