Hello dear friends,

Welcome to doux wedding corp. An idea that was in my head a few months back, and now it's turned into this. A company in itself. My name is Alvin and I'm the creative director of doux. (pronouced as "do") I'd like to welcome all of you to a new era in the wedding industry. Lets keep things simple. We were formerly known as "Alvin Wong Photography Inc". But decided that with growth, comes a new identity. We are a passionate bunch of Christians and we don't apologize for it. We believe that God has a plan for us and this is it. We believe in doing the best, being the best and charging less than anyone else in the industry. Why? Because when you put "wedding" infront of anything, things magically becomes expensive. And we don't really like that. I do know that it's because when you book a wedding in, it's a long term commitment, long hours on the day and even harder work post processing. That maybe the case, but we believe in charging a fair price. No matter how many awards we've won, or how many weddings we've done.

We're here to help you have fun on the biggest day of your life, captured that, freezed it and keep it as memories for generations to come. We also believe that we couldn't possibly do a good job as strangers because weddings are such intimate affairs, so we don't book in any weddings unless we've met you, liked you and had fun with you! haha So if you have a wedding coming up, shoot us an email and we'll bring you out for coffee! ;)

Also, I'd like to thank everyone over the pass year that has put in time and efford to help me get this company started. you all know who you are. I love you guys to the moon and back. Seriously.



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