I don't know how many times we've been asked this question before, but you've probably have similar discussions to this at every wedding. However, today I wanted to share with you this cautionary tale from a pro and what it took to get here. Now I know spending $2000-$4000 on a wedding photographer isn't possible for everyone, however the point of this post is not to fully you into paying for us or someone else like us. No. I wanted to share this with you guys so that you can make your decision with your eyes wide open. I just want to be open and honest with you and let you know  that, as with most things in life, you really do get what you pay for... and if somethings sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

But if wedding photography or videography isn't a big deal to you and your partner, then great. Who am I to tell you that's wrong? However it breaks my heart when I hear couples come to us and ask for our help after the fact, to help edit, or fix, or go out to do another set of pre wedding shoot. Most people spend so much on their cafes/dress/flowers but skim out on photography and video. Which is good if you don't care. But then you will have no good photos to remember about that expensive cake you paid for, or pictures of your in the amazing dress everyone said you were in or those beautiful flowers.

We've all heard horror stories about weddings. Let me be the first to tell you that they are true. Photographers not giving you the pictuers after the wedding: TRUE. Photos aren't edited: TRUE. Photographers charge you for the extra hours he had to be there because he has a fine print saying a full day is 8 hours and anything more is extra: TRUE. Cake not showing up: TRUE. Flowers didn't look like the ones you've paid for: TRUE. Make up artists didn't so up: TRUE. Heck, I even know of a make up artist that books bigger jobs then the one she's had, and called up that morning to tell the bride her grandma died. This has happened 6 times! So yes... most of the stories you've heard, would be true.

Now, here's a few things on why you should pay us PROs:

- We are commited. You book your wedding photographers months in advance. If they aren't commited, you might not have a photographer at your wedding.

- We spend lots of time and money. To do what we do, we've spent lost of money on equipments and lots of time editing to get to where we are.

- We are prepared. We've heaps of weddings. Probably even more than you've been to birthday parties. That is why we know what's going to happen next and we're prepared for it.

- We keep the peace on the day. Most people don't realize how much power a photographer has on a wedding day. Don't let one run your day to the ground. An experienced photog would make sure everything is OK throught the day.

- We come recommended. If your friends recomemended you to us, you know that we are good.


So think about it. Would you really let $2000-$4000 dollars get in the way of the biggest day or your lives? A start of a journey, a new life with your partner. We exsist for a reason, we aim to provide you with beautiful pictures and videos that you can show your grandkids and keep for generations to come. So is what we're asking for really too much compare to a friend that knows nothing abut wedding photography?

We'll leave that one to you to decide...




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