I recently bought a cold press juicer as it was all the rage and simply because I had enough of paying $6 for a small cup of fresh juice. I come from a tropical country, fresh juices is all I had when I was growing up. I thought that it was time I have fresh juices in my life again. haha But it made me think, why is my cold press juicer so much better then my old normal juicer. Well, the old one wasted a lot of my fruits and never gave me enough juice which left me hanging dry and thristy. Much like how sometimes when I get too much things to do in the office and I feel like crap...

So here's a few ways as a creative that I stay juiced up and inspired.

1. Go on an adventure. Instead of saying no to everything, try saying yes to whatever random request your weird friends throws at you. Like feeding bambi on your wedding day for photos...

2. Devour Popular Culture. Read, research, dig deep into other artist's work, magazines, books, and even movies.

3. Take Pictures. Take photos of things that inspire you and use them to remind yourself when you're dry. I like taking my film camera out to do just that. Or heck, use instagram!

4. Scribble Ideas. On anything, your phone, your ipad, a notebook, a notepad, heck, i even do it on my wall.

5. Share your ideas with others. Talk to people. Better ideas often become great from a conversation. Give and receive. Do it!

6. Ask Question. I bet you there's a lot of people out there that knows more than you do.

7. Listen. Try to listen carefully, When others speak, you should listen. Ideas are everywhere.

All that is well and good. But attempting to live an interesting life via travel, adventure and new experiences, consume arts and devour popular culture takes up a lot of time and effort. Not to mention money and resources. So be wise about it. Don't spend the money you don't have just so you can go do these things. Be creative. After all, you are in this field for a reason. Make the most out of things. Share a few ideas with us if you'd like! ;) we would love to hear them!


much love,



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