This is a story about tattoos. This is a story about hope. This is a story about how sometimes being a creative, we get to give hope in ways that no one else can. Be it that it might not be what we thought we would be doing with our lives, but the satisfaction that comes with helping people is just to real to ignore.

This is a story about a tattoo artist, Vinnie Myers who has a parlour in Finksburg, Md. Who has become a celebrity amongst the breast cancer survivors, and for the right reasons. He gives women back their bodies they loved before they had breast cancer. His special nipple designs are brining him clients from all over the world. Who would have thought that after surviving breast cancer, you would be at a tattoo artist's shop instead of the doctors right? This guy is such a legend. He was starting to get popular in his nipple tattoos until he decided not to do it anymore. The same day he decided that, he got a call from his sister saying that she got breast cancer. He took it as a sign to continue the work he was doing, even thou it didn't make him feel much of  a artist as creating a crazy sleeve tattoo would, but he shares how the gratitude from the ladies he's helped, and the smile on their faces means so much more.

I'm not saying that we want to do things like these as a company, but heck I built this company to do things just like this. To help people feel better about themselves, to tell them Jesus loves them. To show them there is someone else who's out there that cares. Telling this story just inspired me to do something. So watch this space. We'll have a report for you real soon on what we did! hehe


much love,


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