The Grammys. It's usually means that you've made it. Heck, before this, there hasn't been anyone that is not signed to a record lable that won A Grammy before. Not until these two boys came along. They got nominated for 7 Grammys and they took home 4. Think about that. These kids run around Seattle just like you and me. Probably did more drugs and hit rock bottom more times than anyone I personally know. But that didn't stop them from doing what they love. Chasing after that dream...

Money is important but Freedom is key.

Sure having buckets loads of money helps. But more often than not, people who gives you those money wants something in return. A part of what you're doing, a say in the next project, or a mention the next time you're doing something important. Most times, freedom is more important. Doing what you love, the way you love it, is more important than having money to make things happen. The DIY attitude is something that the previous generation looks down on, but this youtube generation strive in. Making shit happen for no money at all. Showing the world your talent instead of what money can buy.


Setbacks are temporary.

No matter what you're doing, which industry you're in, there will be setbacks. There will be people wanting to shoot you down, you'll feel like the devil is running against you. But hold on, hold tide. Have hope. Have faith. If what you're doing is something you truly believe in, then it will come to pass. The world will know about it. Take these two for example, in 2009 Ben was living with his parents in their basement having just come out of rehab. But that didn't last long at all. So don't dwell in the setbacks. It's temporary.


Only YOU are in charge of your personal brand.

The only person that is the front, the face, the brand is YOU. I remember reading about how Ben and Ryan had to email around everyone in Seattle to ask if they could borrow a RED camera for their next music video. They wanted to borrow one because they wanted to shoot it themselves, they wanted creative control and they had the balls to do it. That was for the Thrift Shop video. WIth 487 MILLION VIEWS on youtube, you could say they pretty much nailed it huh? So what the flip is stopping you from representing YOUR BRAND?


Have a point of view.

Have a back bone. Don't just follow what the world is dishing out at the moment, don't just take that and help spread that. Have a point of view of your own. Have something to say. The world these days are after a cause to follow. To be a part of. They want to belong. So instead of following the masses, create your own point of view. Have your own fans and follows, spread your word. spread hope. spread love. do it.


Collaboration is a good thing.

Surround yourself with good people. creative people just like yourself. help each other with their porjects, learn from each other. Chances are, that way you would grow twice as fast and things would get done even faster. Feed your soul. Why chase the party when you can make your own? So instead of waiting around to collaborate with the top guys, look around you. Chances are your best friend, or that kid down the block has a better idea then the greats.


Community is King

Having a community that helps each other is King. We might all be chasing after the same things, but instead of doing it all on our own, lets do it together and help each other along the way. That way, when setbacks happen, there's always a hand to pick you up, there's always someone there to help you out. And better still, if people in the industry supports you, they will promote you. Also never forget those who helped you along the way. I remember watching Ben's speech after he won the grammy. He said: "Wow, we're on this stage... and we could never have been on this stage without our fans." Remember the people that supported you along your journey. Be humble. Stay hardworking. and never forget.


much love,


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