We've been to a lot of weddings. 80% of the time we've been to more weddings than the wedding planner whose planning the wedding we were at. Excuse me for being a little forward. But simple is BEST. The most fun weddings we've been to were small intimate ones where most things are DIY or made by friends of the couple.

Today I want to talk about having a simple yet elegant deco for your reception. The following photos are from a good friend's wedding held at Butleigh Wootton. It wasn't anything over the top special, just simple decorations for the reception with the hero being the wedding cake that the couple made.

Let me talk about Butleigh Wootton for a minute. And no, they didn't pay me to say any of this. It's an amazing mansion that is close to the city, located in Kew. With it's amazing architecture on the outside, grandeur and elegance on the inside with the main attraction being the big staircase coming down the reception hall. WIth rooms on the second floor you can chill and get ready in, and a gazibo garden complete with a water fountain in the middle, walking down the aisle to your perfect man is not a problem rain or shine. But to top it all off, the staff at Butleigh Wootton is amazing. Like I said, we've been to a lot of venues for weddings. And this one comes at the top of our list along side Wattle Park Chalet aspecially when it comes to customer service. Second to none.


So yea... believe me when I say, simple is best. Plan your wedding your way, the way you wanted it all along. But keep things simple. Trust me, it will make your life a whole lot simpler and less stressful! That's all I wanted to share tonight, thanks for reading! ;)


much love,


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