I really didnt' know what to say when I opened the email. The only thing I remember was my jaw dropping open and me seeing the words "Top 100 Most Popular Photographer - Worldwide Ranked 20". That blew me away. I would have never imagined a day like this when I took a leap of faith and trusted God in deciding not to sign my contract with my boss as a successful hair stylist with the most incredible pay ever. I was too comfortable. I don't know how many of you have been there? But I was there. Too comfortable for my own good. I was making the money so I wasn't thinking about that, I was enjoying life a little too much I would say, and not worring about "tomorrow". It was then I felt God says that I need to get out of the comfy zone. Cos nothing incredible will ever happen there. So I took a leap of faith. And here I am today. I won't say I am heaps successful (because I am not). But I won't say I haven't achieve anything in life either. I've struggle for the most part of the last 4 years as a freelancer. Running a company that consist of me and only me. I could do anything I want. But I'd like to share with you what I actually did do, to get to where I am today.

A friend wanted to know the other day what it takes to become a pro. I thought about it and it's really not complicated. HARD Maybe. But certainly NOT complicated. So I broke it down to a few steps you can take.

1. Declare yourself a photographer. A Pro. What does it means to be a pro? You are NOT a student, not a accountant-slash-part-time-photographer or a part time anything. You ARE A PHOTOGRAPHER. And people have to know this.

2. Be in business. Make it real. Get a business account, get business card made, get a business license. Otherwise it's just an expensive hobby you have there.

3. Read everything you can find on the subject matter you want to work in. Do your research. Understand the rules. Because if you failt at the business part, you can't sustain the business, which mean you're not a pro. You're unemployed or back to part time this and that.

4. Practice everyday. Have a camera with you no matter what, or where you go. Share your photos, edit them, promote them like mad. Both for clients and yourself. Get creative as hell. Find your voice through shooting more photos than you thought was possible. Aim to be different, not better than anyone else. Just different. Get the shot that no one dares to get, go places where nobody has to balls to. Be brutal in your edit and only put forward your best work. You will be mistaken 50% of the time, but you got to take swings if you want to make a hit on anything. DOING is your best friend. THINKING maybe be nice, but it counts for nothing. So get out there and DO SOMETHING!

5. Repeat.


I guess in simple terms, that's what I've learnt in the pass 6 years of being in business. Some have failed, so I've restarted them with a new brand. This is one of them. Doux Wedding Corp. This is the one I believe will take me all the way. I want to THANK EVERYONE for their continuos support over the years. And all those we've trained and thought, I am very very please with y'all, some of you have already surpassed us in ways we couldn't even imagine. Don't worry, we still love you all like crazy. And to those who are still working with us and walking with us, get ready because it's going to get cray cray around here real soon!!!


much love,


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