Having been working in a restaurant for the pass two weeks and having a brother the is training to be a chef and a few close friends who are chefs, I realised they are amazing people to hang out with. And they some how better at life then the rest of us... Here's a few reasons why.

1. Chefs have the best of friends.

When you work in the food industry, and you work 10-15 hour days, and you make friends in the food industry, you tend to talk about everything.

2. Chefs can eat anything they want, WHENEVER they want it.

They just need to go make whatever they are in the mood off having.

3. A chef's life revolves around food. And lets face it, everything revolves around that.

4. They're tough.

They don't go crying to mama when they cut themselves with their sharp knifes. Nor do they cry about sore feet because they've beein on them for 10-15 hours a day.

5. Chefs never get bored at work.

Simply because there are a million things that needs to be done for that one dish you ordered.

6. They pay close attention to details.

They wil pick up on the smallest things.

7. The challenges of working with old equipments have made them extremely resourceful.

I've seen some Macgyvers as chefs in my day. haha

I guess this goes out to my brother. In the pass month, i've seen the way he grew, and in the pass week I've seen him take apart the restaurant and basically clean in the way he wants it clean. That just made me look at the old crew and thought, so they didn't really clean things huh? haha

Anyways, sorry if I don't make any sense. It's been a long week.


much love,



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